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Optical Boutique

 An Optical Like No Other.....

Our attention to detail and quality has made us well renowned in the region for superior eyewear.  Dilzer Eye Care prides itself on making you the center of attention.  Our guests come first!

We take our time with you.  We listen to your needs.  Our expert team caters to your desires, and designs eyewear with your specific needs in mind.  Tell us your tale, and we will make your world shine!

A Vast Array of Eyewear.....

Eyewear is art.  It also has to be functional.  And fun!

We take pride in offering a wide selection of frames chosen for durability, fashion, and uniqueness.  Many of our frames originate in the USA, Italy, France and Denmark. 

Feel the difference a quality finish makes on your face.  With a titanium frame you will barely realize you are wearing anything. 

Visit with us for an eyewear experience.  Let us wow you!

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