Professional Eye Examinations...


The Doctors at Dilzer Eye Care Associates believe in utilizing major advances in technology to provide you with the most thorough eye health examination possible.  We integrate electronic data with the art of old world retinoscopy to discover the most accurate prescription for eyeglasses possible.  We offer an ultrasound screening photo called an OCT of your eyes, which allows us to discover the earliest evidence of eye disease such as macular degeneration and glaucoma and this allows for early treatment.  Our Doctors use the newest technology for contact lenses for the health and comfort of your eyes.  Our optical uses only the finest in ophthalmic materials for durability and superior vision.  Come see why we are considered among the best!

Treatment of Eye Disease...


We hate pain.  We hate sight loss.  At Dilzer Eye Care, we can help.  Our Doctors and team are specially trained to asses your level of pain and to make you feel better fast.  We believe in continuing education, and are constantly training our team in the best approaches to treating eye disease.  From treating pink eye, removing foreign bodies in the eye, and alleviating light sensitivity, to diagnosing and treating glaucoma, identifying macular degeneration, and managing cataracts, our team of Doctors make life a lot easier on you!

Find out why we are considered among the best!

Contact Lenses...


We love contact lenses.  There, we said it.  And we mean it.

Contact lenses provide freedom.  They allow us to view the world like we are supposed to, in 3-D, free of distortions, and with tons of peripheral vision.  

We have the best contacts for your needs.  Do you participate in sports?  Then a daily disposable may be best for you.  Do you have an astigmatism?  We have those too.  We offer RGP's for our patients as well, and they are really comfortable!  We also specialize in scleral contact lenses for eye diseases such as keratoconus.  

Visit us to find out more!  We love to help you see.

Refractive Eye Surgery


We have the ability to customize your vision and eliminate your dependence on glasses and contact lenses.  Our practice offers refractive surgery consultations and advice to best suit your needs.  Lasik, PRK, and implantable lens options are all available, and our team of experts can guide you along your way to eyewear independence!  Our office offers several seminars and consult nights where you can PERSONALLY meet the surgeon who can make it happen!